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Treatments & Prices

Whatever your state of health, I'm always here to support you and will be delighted to discuss how reflexology or massage might be able to help you feel calmer, stronger, and more at ease in your body.


Reflexology is a wonderfully relaxing and gentle therapy that works to support the body's own healing and revitalising processes, promoting energy flow and calming the nervous system.  Reflexology is the perfect solution to manage everyday stress, and rebalance the body.

First Treatment includes a full consultation 

Subsequent Treatments 55mins

M'boro £48/Calne £45


Swedish/Remedial Massage (deeper massage than Swedish)

Not only does massage relieve aches and pains it can also help to soothe anxiety and depression.

Back neck & Shoulder Massage 30 mins M'boro £40/Calne £38

Full Body Massage 1hr 

 M'boro £50/Calne £48

Reflexology or Massage for Cancer & Palliative Care

I am qualified to provide specialist reflexology & Massage to people receiving or recovering from cancer treatments to help support energy and wellbeing.  Your requirements can be discussed before booking. 

45 min/1hr  £45

Massage & Reflexology (1hr)

Why not indulge in a wonderfully relaxing combined session of a 30min back massage followed by a 30min reflexology session-Pure Bliss! 

M'boro £48/Calne £45

Facial Reflexology 

Facial reflexology  not only helps to support health and wellbeing working on the same premise as foot reflexology but it has the added benefit of rejuvenating and revitalising the skin, leaving you with a healthy glow inside and out. A scalp, neck and shoulder massage is included.  

(50mins) M'boro £48/Calne £45

Reflexology Taster

If you've never tried Reflexology before and aren't sure if it's for you, why not try a taster session.  Currently being offered 

30mins £38


Reiki treatments are suitable for everyone. They help with relaxation, emotional problems, as well as helping to cope with physical ailments. Reiki appointments are 1 hour sessions, with the treatments generally lasting for about 45 minutes though sometimes longer treatments are required

60 mins £45

Facial Reflexology Taster

Want to give it a go but not sure? Try a 30min taster to see and feel the amazing benefits of this treatment.

30mins £38

Facial & foot Reflexology 

Have a combined treatment on both face & feet (50 mins) - a truly blissful treatment that will leave you floating!

M'boro £48/Calne £45

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